Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Disaster Recovery Plan - QUESTIONNAIRE

*       Is there a disaster recovery plan? If a plan exists, when was it last updated?
*       What are your procedures for updating the plan?
*       Who is responsible for administration or coordination of the plan?
*       Is the plan administrator/coordinator responsible for keeping the plan up-to-date?
*       Is there a disaster recovery implementation team (i.e., the first response team members who will react to the emergency with immediate action steps)?
*       Where is the disaster recovery plan stored?
*       Where are the implementation team contacts list stored?
*       Where is the backup facility site? Are there alternate sites?
*       What is your schedule for testing and training on the plan?
*       When was the last drill performed?
*       Did the drill include use of the backup facilities? If not, when were the backup facilities last used? If over 1 year, how has the organization determined that its programs can still run on the backup equipment?
*       What was the outcome of the drill? How did it improve preparedness?
*       What critical systems are covered by the plan?
*       What systems are not covered by the plan? Why not?
*       Does the plan operate under any assumptions?
*       What are the procedures for activation of the plan?
*       Are inventories as they relate to your critical systems kept (including LAN servers and communication devices)?
*       If inventories are kept, where are they stored?
*       Are there formal procedures that specify backup procedures and responsibilities?
*       What functions/systems/components are covered under such procedures?
*       What training has been given to personnel in using backup equipment and established procedures?
*       Where is the off-site storage site?

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